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Simon W. Wardwell Foundation (SWWF) is the charitable instrument Simon Wardwell directed in his will in 1920. After providing financial support to three generations of women in his family – his sisters, their daughters and their daughters – his estate flowed into a “charitable instrument.” The final beneficiary passed in October 2020 and $25 million funded the SWWF.

Simon was a visionary, entrepreneur & inventor. He secured over 150 patents, but most of his estate was the result of the braiding machine patented in 1905. The biography of Simon Wardwell provides insights into his professional accomplishments and personal challenges. (link to biography)

SWWF honors Mr. Wardwell’s intentions as to how the funds are to be distributed. He was dedicated to his employees who helped him design and build his machines and run the company. His geographic focus is the community’s employees lived in: Pawtucket, Central Falls, Lincoln and Cumberland. He identified four focus areas for philanthropic support:

  1. Hospitals & Healthcare
  2. Education, particularly early childhood / kindergarten
  3. Senior residences & services for Seniors
  4. Public Services

Our grants are by invitation only. Non-Profit organizations are welcome to contact us for more information if they are located in the geographic area and provide services in one of the four focus areas.


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About Us

The mission of the Simon W. Wardwell Foundation is to award grants in Rhode Island to support healthcare facilities; education institutions; organizations, facilities and services for seniors; and public services.


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